The Organisers

Meet the EPC team!

The Pack Leader: Dani(elle) Maas

I am Dani(elle), 45 years old from The Netherlands. Together with my husband for more then 28 years and married 19 of that. I have a beautiful daughter, Amber, who just turned 17 in September.

I am the owner of Love Bytes (Reviews) for more then 5 years now. When Marc approached me with the idea for EuroPrideCon I thought “let’s do it!” and we have been doing it together ever since. We can bicker and fight like cats and dogs but surprisingly it works out well 🙂 With the addition of Tanja, Isa, Amelia and Tim, our team is at full strength.

Why Pack Leader? 

Well, someone has to keep the whole bunch together, right? 😀 I think it speaks for itself some people call me the face of the con during EPC and that is I think where my strength lies; the contact, the keeping things rolling, the schedule etc. With making sure that things get done before the con itself. Together with Marc we talk about everything and anything that is happening around EPC in trying to make it the best possible event. At EPC 2019, in my home country, I will also be the hotel contact person and I hope to see you all there 🙂 You can always find me around on fb, Dani Elle Maas.

The Chaos Wizard: Marc Fleischhauer

I am Marc,  a 26 year old student from Munich, Germany.

I am gay (and bi-curious) and have been with my boyfriend for more than 6 years.

I own Rainbow Gold Reviews and together with Dani, I brought Euro Pride Con to life. We are like fire and water; we have very different perspectives and fight to get every smallest detail just right. However, we work surprisingly well together, especially now that Isa, Tanja and Tim joined the team. They take some of the work from our shoulders and balance us out and I hope you guys will like the result.

Why Chaos Wizard?

Well, I thrive in chaos. I get inspired by it and love channeling all that energy into concrete ideas. I often have A LOT of FB messenger tabs open to chat with many different authors and potential attendees about panel topics we could have at the event, about measures we can take to make the event a safe space and welcoming to everyone, I come up with new ideas for EPC, collect raffle donations and chat with authors who are interested in supporting the event in some way, However, I’m also the money guy and thus have to organize everything in the end for tax season. There needs to be an order to chaos and the others help to keep me and the chaos in check.

I can’t wait to see you all in 2018. Feel free to shoot me a PM on Facebook anytime!

The Sponsor Whisperer: Tanja Rac

I am Tanja, 37 years old, live in Austria and I have a beautiful dog who controls my life ;)…nah she is just a little devil and the perfect counterpart to my calm, shy personality. I was asked by Marc if I wanted to be on the organisation team for the EPC because of my organisational skills and structured approach of things. While Marc thrives in chaos it drives me crazy…but that´s just life, we can´t be all the same. 😀

Why Sponsor Whisperer?

Because I love doing things behind the scenes, where I can use my skills. I thrive on doing lists, update them, ticking off the things I already did as well as interact with other people but just not at the amount Dani, Marc and Tim are doing during the con. I’m responsible for the sponsors, the sponsor part on the website as well as the Newsletter. Putting information together is also something I really like. To summarize the whole information this team has and want to share with you….and sometimes it’s huge…is just my thing. At the con I’m the “invisible” one with the white lanyard ;).

The Creative Mastermind: Isa(bell) Brandt

I am Isa(bell). I’m 32 years old, live in the middle of Germany and work for a Dutch shipping company which rents out traditional sailing ships. 🙂 I’m hetero and single by the way. 😉

I can’t remember how I got into doing the creative work for the EPC but I’m damn happy that I belong to such a great organisation team. 


Why Creative Mastermind? 

Well, I love to be creative. To do all the work regarding the programme and the website. To juggle with ads. The only downside of doing the programme is to let Marc proof-read it. 😉 He’s so particular about all the small details and wants to get everything just right. And you know what… as annoying as that can be…in the end we really do get it just right. 🙂 

I love to be part of EuroPrideCon and consider this convention a big, fun kind of family reunion every year.

Master of Speeches: Tim O’Rahilly/ T.J. Masters

I am Tim, otherwise known as author T.J. Masters. I am a 62yr old retired teacher living with my husband of 30 years (married 9) just to the north of London, England. The EPC has come such a long way since that first gathering in Munich and it was a great honour when Dani and Marc asked me to join the organisers group.

Why Master of Speeches?

Well, my role is to corral the panelists and then at the con itself I deliver hugs and smiles, spread calm and positivity as well as moderating panels to keep them on point and occasionally on time.

I hope that apart from my teacher voice I also bring other skills to the table. I am British, an author, a polyamorous gay man, a blogger, passionate about equality and also a BDSM/bondage Master.

Hopefully I can also dispense some of the apparent wisdom that comes with old age!

Agent of Trauma: Amelia Faulkner

I’m Amelia, a full-time author from London, UK. I’ve been writing and publishing for decades, and have been involved at organisational level in mid-scale conventions in the UK. I’m demisexual, pansexual, and genderless.

Dani and Marc invited me to join the organising panel, and I am deeply honoured to be part of this team.

Why Agent of Trauma?

Any single one of my readers can answer that one for you 😉