Frequently-Asked Questions

Welcome to EuroPrideCon 2021, the sixth EuroPrideCon.

We have yet to determine dates, but check back soon for an update.


QUESTION: Where can I put my preferred pronoun / preferred gender?

ANSWER: Everyone will get a name tag at registration. On this tag there will be a line so you can write down your preferred pronoun and/or gender.


QUESTION: Will anyone get to see my real name, when I put it in the registration form?
ANSWER: Only the organizers of Euro Pride Con will have access to any private information you reveal to us. We have the greatest respect for your privacy and will do anything in our power to protect it. We will only put your pen name or public name on our attendee list. 


QUESTION: Is there any way to make sure I won’t be photographed at the convention? I want to participate, but my family/ friends/ work would not react well to seeing me as part of an LGBT Fiction celebration on a Social Network.
ANSWER: We want you to feel comfortable at any time. At registration we will ask you if you are okay to have pictures taken of you. If you are NOT okay with that you will get a different coloured lanyard than people who are ok with being photographed.Therefore we will provide an easy way to spot which delegate is fine with being photographed and who wants to be asked first or wants not to be photographed at all.


QUESTION: I’m an author/ cover artist/ photographer… and would like to support Euro Pride Con and get my name/ company name out there. Will I be able to take a sponsorship package or can only publishers do that?
ANSWER: Anyone can become a sponsor with one of the sponsorship packages or make a donation to our raffle. Attendees even get a 50 EUR discount on a Bronze, Silver or Gold sponsorship.


QUESTION: I would love to talk at a panel and share my experiences.

Can I suggest a panel or have you finished your panel selection?
ANSWER: We always welcome panel suggestions and will soon post a list of possible panels on this website. Please contact us if you have a great panel idea.

Any questions or answers missing? Please contact us via email!